Graduate and Undergraduate Thesis Supervision

External Examiner for PhD Thesis Committees:

  • WAN Sai Chuen, City University of Hong Kong (Doctorate in Business Administration; 8/31/2011). “The Important of IT Project Manager’s Soft Competence for IT Project Success: An Exploratory Study in Banking and Finance”.
  • Jani Antikainen, University of Jyväskylä, Finland (PhD Candidate; ongoing). “Information Systems Design Theory for Master Data Management Systems: Designing and Deploying MDM Processes and Systems for Strategic Enterprise-Wide Data Quality and Business Process Effectiveness.”
  • Maan Mubarak Aljawder, The University of Sydney, Australia (PhD). “A Contingent Approach for Project Management and Organisation: An Empirical Analysis.”

PhD Supervisory Committees @ University of Nebraska at Omaha:

  • Anoop Mishra (Chair; In progress). “Perceived Fairness from User’s And Developer’s Perspective in Artificial Intelligent Systems.”
  • Vinod Kumar Ahuja (Member; In progress). “Where companies draw the line: Exploring corporate boundaries in the collaborative creation of open source software.”
  • Sarah Teten (Member; April 1st, 2019). “Emotions in Alzhiemer’s Disease According to Personal Weblogs: A Longitudinal Study.”
  • David Anderson (Member; March 1st, 2018). “Electrophysiological Biomarkers of Chemotherapy-Related Cognitive Impairment in Hematological Malignancy Patients”.
  • Clark Hampton, University of Central Florida (PhD in Business Administration; Committee Member, 10/28/2011). “The Effects of Risk and Trust on the Achievement of Sustainable Competitive Advantage from B2B e-commerce Trading Relationships”.
  • Arun Kumar (Co-chair; August 4th, 2017). “Design and Analysis of Leaf Recognition Algorithms Based on Evolutionary Image Processing Techniques”, Sir Padmpat Singhania University (India).
  • Abhishek Tripathi (Chair; December 6th, 2016). “Myth or Reality? Crowdsourcing as a Complex Problem-Solving Model: Evidence From Software Developed by the Crowd and Professionals.”
  • Ik-Hyun Youn (Member; 11/10/2017). “Multidimensional Mobility Metric Using Wearables: Conceptualization and Validation in Laboratory and Maritime Settings.”
  • Pallav Deka (Member; November 28th, 2016). “MOVE-HF: An Internet-Based Pilot Study to Improve Adherence to Exercise in Patients with Heart Failure.” (University of Nebraska Medical Center).
  • Xiaodan Yu (Chair; August 12, 2013).  “Understanding the Adaptive Use of IT Capabilities and Development of Shared Mental Models in Virtual Teams.”
  • Sachin Pawaskar (Member; July 30th, 2013). “Energy Awareness and Scheduling in Mobile Devices and High End Computing”.
  • Dawn Owens (Chair; August 22nd, 2012). “Understanding the Adaptive Use of Virtual World Technology Capabilities and Trust in Virtual Worlds”.
  • Chi Zhang (Member; June 2009). “Learning in Virtual Worlds: Understanding Its Impact on Social and Cognitive Processes in Learning”.
  • Abdelnasser M. Abdelaal (Member; April 2009). “The Role of Community Wireless Networks in Achieving Digital Inclusion”.
  • Alanah Davis Mitchell (Member; April 2009). “Technology Choice in Virtual Teams: The Use of Interventions to Change the Pattern of Technology Choice in Virtual Teams”.
  • Vipin Arora (Chair; Proposal defended – Spring 2014). “Sense of Virtual Place: Implications for the Design of Virtual Learning Environments.”

Thesis-equivalent Project Committee @ University of Nebraska at Omaha:

  • Rajesh Ratnala, MS in CS Candidate (9/1/2011). “A Single Interface Remote Administration Tool (SIRAT).  [Member]
  • Sucharita Prabhakar, MS in CS Candidate (3/31/2005). “Text Search Using Weighted Inverse Document Frequency in Peer-to-Peer Networks.”  [Member]
  • Praveen K Narra, MS in CS Candidate (12/2004). “Web Auction System”. [Member]
  • Silpi S. Baishya, MS in CS candidate (10/2004). “Formal Verification of Speed Control Strategies with SPIN Model Checker.”  [Member]
  • B. Panyapinitnugon, MS in CS candidate(9/2004). “Intelligent Agent Enabled Ant Algorithms for Resource Discovery in Peer-to-Peer Networks.”  [Member]
  • Shiraz S Hussain, MS in CS candidate (2004). “High Level Synthesis using Program Transformation.” [Member]
  • Nishit Bajpai, MS in CS candidate (2004). “Location Management for Moving Objects: A Challenge for Database Management.”  [Member]
  • Haiyung Sun, MS in CS candidate (2003). “A ‘Maximal Tree’ Approach for Scheduling Tasks in a Multiprocessor System.” [Member]

Graduate Thesis Committees @ University of Nebraska at Omaha:

  • Sarah M. Teten, MA in Social Gerontology (12/2015). “Revisiting the Soul Amidst the Rise of Dementia.” [Member]
  • Andrew Martin, MS in MIS thesis  (8/2003). “Information Assurance: Critical Success Factors for Information Availability”. [Chair]
  • Azamat Mametjanov, MS in MIS thesis (8/2004). “A Framework for Auditing Compliance Requirements.”  [Co-Chair]
  • Deepak Gupta, MBA Thesis Supervisory Committee (4/5/2009), “A Lost Profits Estimate for Information Technology Start-ups.”  [Member]
  • Ishwor Thapa, MS in CS Candidate (10/7/2009). “Identifying and Assessing the Impact of Refactoring by Mining Version Repositories.”  [Member]
  • Sunday Atuluku, MS in MIS candidate (4/2009). “Change Management and Business Process Re-engineering in a Service Industry.”  [Member]
  • Sami Vasistha, MS in MIS candidate (11/24/2008). “A Framework and Evaluation of Distributed Project Management Tools”.  [Member]
  • Erik Antonson, MS in CS candidate (9/2007). “Heuristics for Uninformed Search Algorithms Inspired by Self-Organizing Social Insect Models”.  [Member]
  • Lori A Scheinholtz, MS in MIS candidate (9/2006). “A flexible process to create natural language requirement consistency among non-domain terms”  [Member]
  • Michael P. McDonald, MS in CS candidate (4/17/2006). “Template matching based approach for real-time print inspection”.  [Member]
  • Lori Stearns, MS in Social Work candidate (10/20/2006). “Sociopolitical empowerment of social work students”.  [Member]
  • Satish Nair, MS in MIS candidate (2003). “Determination of the critical variables that affect data quality in bio-discovery knowledge management”.  [Member]
  • Mohana Desiraju, MS in CS candidate (2004). “Fault-Tolerant scheduling algorithms for precedence related tasks in Multiprocessor systems.”  [Member]
  • Yoshitsuu Hashimoto, MS in CS candidate (2004). “An evolutionary-based approach for real-time fault-tolerant multiprocessor scheduling.”  [Member]
  • Shurong Li, MS in CS candidate (2004). “An algebra-based approach for image queries and an application to medical images.”  [Member]

Undergradaute (BS) Thesis:

  • External Supervisor – Annika Besetzny (8/31/2011). “Maintaining orientation when determining location information in a virtualized landscape,” University of Applied Sciences, Mainz, Germany.
  • External Supervisor – Andreas Salden (8/17/2011). “Comparison of APIs for Web Mapping Services for Beginners Applied on a Watershed Project,” University of Applied Sciences, Mainz, Germany.
  • Mentor/Adviser, Honors Thesis – Jay Austin (2008). ” Utilizing virtual environments.”
  • Mentor/Adviser, Honors Thesis – Ms. Melanie Slayback Jackson (1996). “ Data Encryption Personal Privacy vs. National Security.” Northern Kentucky University.
  • Mentor/Adviser, Honors Thesis – Ms. Janet Nyagah (12/6/1999). “E-Commerce in Kenya.” Northern Kentucky University.